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Events: Xtreme Ninja Obstacle Course




Xtreme Ninja Challenge - XOC Fitness Course

Challenge a friend and unleash your inner NINJA to see what kind of shape you are in for the upcoming ski and snowboard season!

Colorado-based XOC’s patent-pending mobile obstacle course incorporates obstacles similar to those seen on the NBC’s sensation American Ninja Warrior.  Participants can test their skills on the “Salmon Ladder”, “Unstable Bridge”, “Cannonball Alley” and more.  After testing the course, participants can try for the ultimate accomplishment in scaling either the adult or kid-sized “Warped Wall”!

The Xtreme Ninja Challenge course is suitable for all ages.  Spotters will be on site to help children beat the course.  Show attendees can sign up and participate in this fun and challenging event for a participation fee once inside the Ski Dazzle show at the Los Angeles Convention Center. 

…YOU can DO it!!!

XOC Tickets available for purchase inside Ski Dazzle Show show at XOC event booth:

$5 for single obstacle (aka Warped Wall or Salmon Ladder).
$10 for 3 obstacles of participant’s choice.
$20 for full course (up to 8 obstacles).
$30 for unlimited full day pass.
Each participant has the ability to attempt any of the obstacles up to 3 times to accomplish completion of that obstacle.

More Info on XOC:

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