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Peak of the Week: Big White, BC Canada

The Peak of the Week!

2012 is a legendary year no matter how you wanna slice it. If you believe in the Mayan Calendar or not, that's you're call. This year has already had many monumental events.

That said, in the name of our incredible Ski Industry, we wanted to create a very special Peak of the Week, celebrating the Resorts & Exhibitors from the Ski Dazzle family, who are celebrating a HUGE Anniversary this year! Cheers, and Hats Off to:




VAL SURF, California

Snow Summit - 60th Anniversary

Snow Summit opened in 1952 and has been known for many legendary developments in the Ski Industry as the years have passed. Innovative snow-making is most likely the most important factor Snow Summit presented to the ski industry as a whole. And a little known fact is they still lead the art of snow-making with an operation that will blow your mind. Other incredible developments Snow Summit claims are: The First detachable chairlift in 1953. Expansive growth through the purchase of its next-door neighbor, Bear Mountain (formerly Gold***). Together, they combine to form Southern California's number one ski resort. 

For more details on Snow Summit - CLICK HERE


Steamboat- 50th Anniversary

Steamboat was originally named after a natural mineral spring because of the loud sound it made, a spring that actually still rests at the far end of town. 50 years ago, Steamboat aligned itself with a well-known jumping skier who also performed at a Winter Carnival & Barnum & Bailey Circus. Popularity of the sport has lead to much of Steamboats success and still does... home to countless Olympic-Status athletes including Billy Kidd. Their famous "Champagne Snow" is known all over the world. For their 50 year Anniversary, Steamboat will have many exciting activities.

For more details on Steamboat - CLICK HERE


Big White, British Columbia, CANADA - 50th Anniversary

Big White will soon celebrate their Opening Day as well as a very exciting 50 year Anniversary. The Canadian City of Kelowna is home to Steamboat, and also where the local airstrip is. Recently, the runway was extended from 7,300 to 9,000 feet, allowing non-stop International Flights, including Los Angeles for the first time this year! Expansion is nothing new for Big White... Its the biggest Ski Resort in British Columbia. Park features and chair lift developments have always been a constant factor for Big White, thanks to their friendly Australian roots.

For more details on Big White - CLICK HERE

Val Surf - 50th Anniversary since 1962

In 1962 Bill Richards and his 3 sons opened a shop in the San Fernando Valley that was to be the very first inland skateboard shop of its time, which has grown into a large supporter of now Snowboarding as well. Voted the "Best Snowboard Shop in the U.S.A" by the Snow Industry of America and inducted into the "Skateboard Hall of Fame" as as the very first skateboard shop and mail order service. With five locations spreading across the Southland, Val Surf continues to be a local favorite, and they have been with Ski Dazzle for 20 years & still running.

For more details on Val Surf - CLICK HERE

Happy Anniversary to ALL!



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