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Peak of the Week: Squaw Valley

The Peak of the Week!

There are so many Resorts, each with much to offer! From Trailmaps to Lodges, Activities to Events, Trends and stories of yesteryear, you can fall madly in love with the qualities which make each Resort different. We are now trending a Resort near you with Ski's

PEAK of the WEEK!

North Lake Tahoe, CALIFORNIA


FIVE-FAST-FACTS about Squaw Valley Resort

1. CELEBRITY STATUS. Squaw Valley was home to the 1960 Winter Olympics. As the second largest mountain in Lake Tahoe, owner Cushing was able to attract the event, completing his vision to transform Lake Tahoe into a major destination,  with plans to further innovate the ski industry. 



2. CRAFTY DESIGN. Squaw Valley's design was inspired by European Resorts by putting pools and lodging on the mountain instead of the base, as well as featuring the most up to date lift technology in the United States. It was this crafty design which Cushing created while in Paris, which literally won out the Olympic bid from Innsbruck, Austria, who was initially promised as the Olympic host.



3. RAW TALENT. Squaw Valley has been home to some of the most amazing skiers the world has ever seen. Its unique runs and jumps are to the taste of only the most skilled skiers. Shane McConkey's home mountain was Squaw, he has been deemed "The Most Influential Skier Ever." Many, many other talented and famous skiers call Squaw Valley home, in recent years all the way back thru the Old Skool. Squaw's famous peak "Eagles Nest" was renamed "McConkey's" in 2009 following Shane's passing.  

SQUAW'S TALENT: : Shane McConkey/ Most Infuential Skier, Johnny Mosley/Gold Medal Olympic Slalom Skier, Julia Mancuso/Olympic Gold Medalist, Daron Rahlves/Current World Cup Champ, JT Holmes/Freeskier & BASE jumper, CR Johnson/ Freeskier & Winter X Medalist... Scot Schmidt/Extreme Skier, Edith Thys/ Olympian, Kristin Krone/ Olympian, Eva Twardokens/ Olympian, Bill Hudson/Olympian, Dick Buek, Dick Dorworth, Luggi Foeger, Lars Haugen, Jimmy Heuga, Bob Howard, Greg Jones, Steve McKinney, Tamara McKinney, Roy Mikkelsen, Lyle Nelson, Wayne Poulson, Reed Robinson, Spider Sabitch, Hans Standteiner, Jack Starrett, Frank Stewart, John "Snow-Shoe" Tompson, Stan Tomlinson and many, many more!!



4. SQUALLYWOOD & G.N.A.R. "Shred the Gnar" is a long-lived phrase used amongst Skateboarders and Skiers for decades. Defined as: "Going Big" by Urban Dictionary, local Squaw Legend Robb Gaffney/Producer Matchstick Productions took G.N.A.R. to another level when he wrote the book "Squallywood" - The Guide to Squaw Valley's Most Exposed Lines. In this book skiers are directed to the best lines on the mountain, but along the way aim to score "G.N.A.R." amongst each other in the funniest way possible. A film about G.N.A.R was recently made. For a great laugh check out G.N.A.R right here.



5. NEW FRONTIERS. Last year, Squaw merged with Alpine Meadows under the new ownership of Squaw, KSL Capital Partners. Rumor has it that eventually both Resorts will be ultimately merged into one mega Resort named "White Wolf Mountain," running from the parking lot at Alpine Meadows to Squaw Valley, including KT-22, which Squaw presently leases from White Wolf Mountain. Not sure if that's true... So stay tuned for more details.

In the past, all of the surrounding property was originally owner by Southern Pacific Railroad. Poulsen bought it in 1942, who later joined with Cushing who acquired it in 1949. The White Wolf portion was purchased as recently as 1990 by Troy Caldwell. 




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